lennnnyi asked:
Carapherneilia- Pierce the Veil She Will Be Loved- Maroon 5 Sweet Pea-Amos Lee Beautiful Soul-Jesse McCartney I got plenty more if you want more :-) Great songs to dance to

Oh boy Now I gotta listen to all of these hah but thanks Lenard!

richuu asked:
Meek Mill- Burn Goodluckkkk

So you want me to go buck? Haha definitely a possibility

Someone give me a song to freestyle to, I’ll make a video for it


Anything suggestions?

Anonymous asked:
miss right - neyo

Ouh I like it, definitely considered!

maybe I am all talk

I need get back into freestyling. Videos?

Thinking of putting up videos probably once a week to see myself and critique myself to get better. The only training I have is myself so I think I’m gonna get more serious with it. Hmmm


i did a cover of that one song bc i fell in love


Do you guys think I’ll be a dilf
My best friend is saying I’m gonna be one but I’m iffy on that one

dude my life dream is to be a dilf

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I feel like such a failure

Nothing I ever do is fucking good enough. 

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